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王鶴 / 攝影
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In Tai-ya, a local aboriginal dialect, "Dalagang" means "flat platform". Dalagang Farm is the first aboriginal-built co-operative farm at the mountaintop of the Elephant-nose Tribe, located in the Tai-An Village, Miao-Li County. Tai-ya is one of the nine largest aboriginal tribes in mountain area of Taiwan. They are famous for their unique arts and craft style.

There are about 20 families in the farm. Located 1000 meters above the sea level, the『Impression.Tayal』B&B is embraced by green mountains. Between winter and spring, there are beautiful peach flowers and plum blossoms covering the mountain. In late spring farmers will be harvesting fresh baby bamboo shoots. Then in autumn, the farmers will harvest beautiful, sweet Japanese Persimmons.

The『Impression.Tayal』was originally an authentic place for producing the famous Taiwanese Oolong tea. People who came up to visit the farm were so taken by its panoramic views, the farm started to receive tourists" inquiries about availability of lodging for them to stay longer. In 2004, the owner decided to remodel its second floor into a five-room B&B for travelers.

Since the Elephant-nose Tribe is not commonly designated as a tourist area, it"s very quiet and best of all, no traffic jam even on holidays. Here, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, bicycling, etc. If you are looking for a quaint, secluded, pristine vacation spot, this is exactly the right place for you.

Weekend & Holiday:

Vulture Nest (double), NT 2,200 per night
Boar"s Nest (double), NT 2,000 per night
Black Bear"s Nest (quartet-two double beds), NT 3,600 per night
Muntjac"s Nest (quartet-two double beds), NT 3,200 per night
Yabbi"s Nest, NT 500 per person
** prices include breakfast


Vulture Nest(double), NT 2,000 per night
Boar"s Nest(double), NT 1,800 per night
Black Bear"s Nest(quartet-two double beds), NT 3,200 per night
Muntjac"s Nest (quartet-two double beds), NT 2,800 per night
Yabbi"s Nest, NT 500 per person
**prices include breakfast

Tai-ya style dinner
NT 280 per person

(reservation required)
Booby trap, Archery、Wood horse track

There is currently no public transportation in this area. Visitors are welcome to drive.
We also offer shuttle service with max. 8 seats small transporter from the greater Taichung and Miao-Li area. The shuttle fee is NT 4000 for round trip.
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