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To protect your rights as a guest and ensuring our guests the best accommodation experience, please read the [Terms and Conditions] as stated below carefully before making your room reservation. You may proceed with your reservation once you are agreeable to the [Terms and Conditions].

Terms and Conditions

1. Although we only have 9 guestrooms in total, however, once a guest has made reservation with us, we will fulfill our promise to reserve the room for the guest for the stated dates. We will assure any circumstances of overbooking will not occur in Laurel Villa. The reservation is based on mutual trust and respect, therefore please be present on the stated date of arrival at Laurel Villa. Unless due to unforeseen circumstances during your travel and bad weather conditions (i.e. typhoons warnings by Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau), guests are not allowed to cancel their reservation at his/her will. This is to prevent causing any inconveniences and losses due to cancellation of room reservation.

2. With the exception of unforeseen circumstances during travel and bad weather conditions (i.e. typhoons warnings by Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau), any changes to the booking must be made at least 7 days in advance. Please drop us a phone call or email to inform us of any changes in booking or room cancellation.

3. To uphold the image and quality of Laurel Villa, we adopt a fixed price policy for all our room and package rates.

4. We have free wireless internet connection at level 1 and in all guestrooms of Laurel Villa. Guest will need to use their own laptop and gadget for internet surfing. However, if necessary, do feel free to borrow laptop from us. Please limit the use to checking and sending email and checking on travel information only. It should not be for online chatting and gaming purposes.

5. All guests are prohibited from bringing pets, mahjong, dangerous and illegal items to Laurel Villa.

6. Our rooms are non-smoking rooms, including our bathrooms. Guests, who wish to smoke, have to proceed to the outdoor allocated smoking area at level 1.

7. To maintain the condition of the wooden floor and room's cleanliness, all guests are reminded not to move their luggage within the room to prevent any scratches on the floor. Also, guests are prohibited from wearing their shoes in the room. (We have provided shoes cabinet outside every guestrooms.)

8. From 10:00pm onwards till 8:00am on the next day, all guests are reminded to lower the volume of the television and keep their voices down to help us achieve a quiet and peaceful resting environment.

9. To maintain quality accommodation and rest for all our guests, do note that we do not accede to any request of adding beds or guests on the spot. Hence, it is important to state and confirm the actual number of guests during the reservation process.

10. To reduce the release of carbon dioxide and protect our earth from global warming, while adjusting the air-conditioner's temperature, please bear in mind not to set the temperature any lower than 22 degree Celsius. When you leave the room, do kindly switch off the air-conditioner, television and lights in the room. Although we do provide toiletries, we hope guests can use their own toiletries brought from home. We only have one earth, therefore any small gestures and actions of yours can allow us to create a better living earth for our future generations.

11. We hope all our guests can cherish and love the environment and all the facilities available, and respect other guests as well. Together, we can create a comfortable and harmonious living environment.

Please continue the process of room reservation once you are agreeable to the above terms and conditions.

★ Due to the limited number of our guest rooms, we sincerely request that you notify us via email, at the very latest, seven days (excluding the day of arrival) in advance should you wish to change or cancel your reservations with us. (For this purpose, please note down our email address: laurel.villa@gmail.com) Thank you for your cooperation!

★ If you are unable to check in before 5:00pm on the appointed date, please call to inform us so that we may continue maintaining your reservation for you;
if you anticipate that you are unable to catch the public bus to Sun Moon Lake and require us to arrange transport for you, feel free to inform us in advance. We will do our utmost to provide transport at an appointed time and location.

★ In the event of impending natural disasters (e.g. typhoon, rainstorm) as predicted by an official weather forecaster (e.g. Central Weather Bureau), should you need to cancel or postpone a reservation due to any travel inconvenience it may pose, please contact us anytime.

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