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Should you have a special enquiry, please refer to the FAQ section below.
If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please kindly email us and we will respond to your enquiry accordingly. Priority will be given to those who have emailed us their Skype account or Contact Number.

Q1. If you are enquiring about taking Public Transportation to Sun Moon Lake, as well as the time table for the trains.
Please kindly click on the links below: Directions to Laurel Villa
Alternatively, you may also view the website for Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration for more details. http://www.sunmoonlake.gov.tw/sun.aspx?Lang=EN

Q2. Is there a need to pre-purchase the bus tickets?
If you are travelling by Nantou Bus or Yuan Lin Bus, we suggest you purchase the bus tickets when you board as these public buses do not have assigned seats and there is also no internet purchase.
If you are travelling by Kuo Kuang Bus and you have already confirmed your bus boarding time, we would recommend you to pre-purchase the tickets as there are limited seats available.
If you are travelling via Taiwan High Speed Rail or Taiwan Railway on weekdays, you may purchase the tickets at the Taiwan High Speed Rail Station or Railway Stations even if you choose not to pre-purchase the tickets. However, during weekends, it is safer to pre-purchase your tickets.

Q3. If you are enquiring about nearby places of attraction, scenic views, retail outlets or public amenities.
Please kindly click on the link below: Location
Alternatively, you may also view the website for Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration for more details. http://www.sunmoonlake.gov.tw/EN/02000040.aspx

Q4. If you are looking for promotions on accommodation packages.
Please kindly click on the link below: Promotions

Q5. If you are enquiring about the accommodation rates and information on the rooms.
Please kindly click on the links below:
Rooms & Rates (Main Guesthouse)

Rooms & Rates (Laurel Villa Kaleidoscope)
Please take note that
(I) The room rates for weekdays and weekends are different;
(II) The rates will be different depending on the number of people staying in the same room;
(III) We do not provide additional beds for the rooms; and
(IV) Our prices are fixed and the same prices apply to all our customers. Please rely on our website for the most accurate information. Thank you for your kind understanding!

Q6. If you are enquiring about room availability.
Please kindly select the type of room that you want and click on the button 『Booking』and you will be able to see when the rooms will be available for booking.

Q7. If you want to make a reservation.
Please make your reservations based on the following:
Scenario 1 – For online reservation, the deposit (50% of the total room charges) will be paid using PayPal.  This is the fastest and most convenient way of confirming your room reservation. You can then follow the simple steps to make the payment, even if you are not registered as a PayPal member. For the remaining room charges, you may pay in Cash during Check-in.
Scenario 2 – For Email Reservation, please kindly provide us with your Credit Card details. Do kindly note that, the room reservation will only be completed after we have sent out the Confirmation email to you. We will keep your Credit Card details Confidential, and you may proceed to make the full payment with us in Cash upon Check-In.  
If you have any questions with regards to the two scenarios mentioned above, please kindly take a look at the detailed at Mode of Reservation

Q8. Is it possible for you to provide recommendations and planning of sightseeing at Sun Moon Lake?
Should you require us to recommend a sightseeing itinerary of Sun Moon Lake, feel free to enquire with us upon your arrival. We are more than happy to provide an introduction of the area and will discuss a suitable sightseeing schedule based on your duration of stay, interests and current weather conditions (different guests will have a unique schedule tailored to their needs).

Q9. The website’s map and directory do not mention how we may get to Sun Moon Lake from our previous location. How can we find out how to get there?
Along with your room reservation email, please also indicate the place you will be coming from, date and time of embarkation towards Sun Moon Lake as well as your preferred mode of transport. We will do our utmost best to advise you on how you may get here.

Q10. How can we know what route and mode of transport to take upon our departure from Sun Moon Lake to our next destination?
Upon your arrival at Laurel Villa, do inform us of your request for assistance in transportation arrangement; we will do our best to advise you on getting to your next destination.

Q11. Do you provide motor vehicle rental service?
Yes. In the event that the guests require motor vehicle rental services, please feel free to indicate during booking. We can provide information on the motor vehicle rental rates from reputable rental companies. This service is purely voluntary and we do not get commission from this service.

Q12. If we are staying at Laurel Villa for more than 2 nights or more, do we get any discounts on the room rates?
During non peak days (Sunday to Friday), guests will be able to enjoy a 10% discount on accommodation prices for their second night of stay, inclusive of the usual services (e.g. breakfast) the day after. However the discount will only apply to room rates and not include other parts of the package.
Two guests staying in a double room (including breakfast) will pay NT$2,180 for accommodation on the first night.
For subsequent nights of stay, the two guests will pay $NT2,180 × 90% = NT$1,960 per night of stay.
The rates for other parts of the package will then be added onto the discounted room rates.

Q13. If I require a vegetarian diet, can I request for vegetarian meals?
Yes. If you require vegetarian meals or have certain meal restrictions, please indicate during booking and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q14. How can I check the weather conditions of Sun Moon Lake?
Please kindly visit Central Weather Bureau for more information. However, the information is only for your reference, since Sun Moon Lake is located at mountainous region, the weather is more unpredictable.

Q15. Are there any matters that we have to take note of?
We wish to caution you to guard against strangers that may be touting on the road. After alighting from the bus at the bus stop, there may be strangers or locals touts, persuading you with seemingly attractive accommodation packages. However, they may later bring you to other places to purchase expensive products like antelope horn or tea leaves. Hence we would wish to caution guests to be careful and not reveal your travel itinerary or place of stay to them.

A gentle reminder, if you require immediate response from us with regards to questions such as arrangement of transportation, planning of itinerary, seeking advice or any questions pertaining to touring of Sun Moon Lake, etc, please kindly contact us using Skype call between Taiwan Time (GMT+8), 10:00 to 22:00.

Our Skype account is laurel.villa

Please take note that our Skype account does not have the “Text Message” function, as such, please kindly ensure that apart from your Skype account, you have to be equipped with microphone and head phones/speaker). We apologize for not being able to use the Text Message function as our Skype account only allows us to make phone calls.

Alternatively, you may leave your Contact Number (including country code) with us, as well as the time that is convenient for us to give you a call. We will make use of the Skype Call-Out function to give you a call.

Please be reminded that, should we be calling you, the telephone charges will be paid by us. We will ensure that your Contact number is kept confidential and will not share with any third party. As such, please do not worry!

Once again, we thank you for taking the time to read through this instruction and thank you for your co-operation.

We sincerely hope that we will have the chance to provide our service to you.

Address:南投縣魚池鄉No.28, MingSheng St., Shueishe Village, Sun Moon Lake, Yuchih Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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