Laurel Villa sits along the Shueishe wharf which is the most prominent area in Sun Moon Lake.

This area provides the best panoramic view of the lake and the surrounding mountains, Shopping, food, accommodation, transport, free parking and some of the attractions at Sun Moon Lake are within walking distance from Laurel Villa.

Information of the various attractions is also readily available.

Laurel Villa is accessible by car, scooter or public transport.

After arriving at Sun Moon Lake, the best way to enjoy the scenery is to take a leisure stroll along some of the footpaths. Other than admiring the view of lake and the central mountain ranges in Taiwan, you can also see Wunwu Temple, Lalu Island, Cihen Pagoda, Syuanzang Temple, Syuanguang Temple and Ita Thao.

Should you require further information on the attractions of Sun Moon Lake, we will be glad to help you in planning a customized itinerary to meet your preferences or time constraints.

-- Places within 1 minute of walking --

MingSheng Street Visitors Center
Shueishe wharf(Sun Moon Lake's main harbour)
Shueishe Lakeside Trail(Newly completed pathway)
Meihe Gardens (Strategic location for panoramic sight of the lake)
Hanbhi Hiking Trail(The latePresident CKS's favourite pathway)

-- Places within 3 minutes of walking --

Shueishe Visitors Center
Zhong Xin Road free carpark
Restaurant and eateries serving Chinese, Western and local cuisine
Bus stop for public buses (plying local routes and areas outside Sun Moon Lake)
7-Eleven, Starbucks
Gift shops, specialty shops, pharmacy and scooters for rent

-- Places within 10 minutes of walking --

Longfong Temple & Matchmaker
Lalu Hotel & Teacher's Hostel
Chaowu wharf
Mt. Maolan Hiking Trail(Best trail for admiring sunrise and view of the lake)

-- Places within 30 minutes of walking --

Tea Improvement Station(Assam Tea Plantation)
Shueishe Dam Lakeside Trail
Bamboo Rock Garden

Address:南投縣魚池鄉No.28, MingSheng St., Shueishe Village, Sun Moon Lake, Yuchih Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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