The Art of God!

The art of God! Specular 3,000 meters or more hills unfold in front of you!
Sea of Clouds surrounds continuous green mountains, especially at night with moonlight softly lights such beauty. Precipitous hiking trails attract brave and skilled alpinists around the world and reward them with rich fauna, flora, unexpoied natural sceneries and a sense of achievement. Here is Shei-Pa National Park, home to several aboriginal tribes, dangerous species, and your wonderful memories.

Peaceful village and Picturequest Mountains

Shei-Pa National Park

Covered part of central and northern Taiwan, Shei-Pa National Park consists of serious mountains like Daba Mountains(3492) with unique shape, Sei Mountains (3886), the second high hills in Taiwan ,Jiali Mountain (3,112), Yeba-ao Mountain (3,192), Yize Mountain (3,297), Jhongbajian Mountain (3,392), Pintian Mountain (3,524), Chihyou Mountain (3,303), Tao Mountain (3,325), and Kalahei Mountain (3,133) and so on. And rivers flow through the mountains, creating stunning views. Taking responsibilities of protecting precious resources and education publics, Shei-Pa have built several hiking trails to introduce those tretures and maintain the environment as naturally as possible. Besides, you have to apply permission before you enter the park to control number of tourists in lowest level of disturbance to the nature.

Double Waterfallings

Discover the deep of mysterious mountains

To make balance between recreation and environment, following several trails is the best way to visit Shei-Pa national Park. Here are brief introduction for notable trails.

Syue Mountain Trail is a shortcut trail to climb Sei Mountain with complete accommodation facilities. And you are able to spend just three days to achieve the top of Sei Mountain.

West Syue Trail( Dasyue Trail or Southwest Syue Trail) is a long, forked and challenging trail. The height of mountains here almost are over 3,000 meters. Prepare well before you foot on West Syue Trail.

If you would like to explore the beauty of sceneries, like Piaodan Pool on concave valley and Sihjielan Creek, and indigenous people like Atayal, Jhihjiayang Trail will be your choice.

Journey in Dajian Ridge(Dasiajian Trail) is quiet difficult with frequently risings and fallings. Besides, there is no shelter or water on the way.

Wuling Quadruple Mountains Trail composes of four famous mountains -- Pintian Mountain (3,524), Chihyou Mountain (3,303), Tao Mountain (3,325), and Kalahei Mountain (3,133)-from west to east. This 10-kilometer-long journey is horizontal, smooth and clear with fascinating mountainous sceneries.

Daba Peaks Trail
Dabajian Mountain is a holy mountain in eye of Ataya tribes, and an extraordinary hill for alpinists. It’s also the fountainhead of rivers on central and northern Taiwan. Worship it by taking uneasy Daba Peaks Trail.

As an old saying goes, “anyone who finishes Shengling Trail are qualified enough to get married.” Connecting Main Peak of Syue Mountain and Dabajian Mountain, Shengling Trail is over 3,100 meters with many jagged rocks, dangerous steep and unique escarpment. No wonder anyone who overcomes such difficulty and trepidation in mind have enough qualities to take responsibilities to family.

Tourist Center

Specailty in Shei-Pa

Oncorhynchus masou formosanus is one kind of landlocked salmon which can only be found in Japan, Korea, northeast China and Taiwan. Through years of evolution, they have lost the instinct of migration. Cijiawan Creek and Gaoshan Creek in Wuling area are the only habitat for this species of salmon. Fall is the best season to observe such precious salmon, because male salmon swim around to attract female one to have next generation.

Mandarin Ducks are listed in the second category of the endangered bird. They are either rare residents or winter visitors. If you are luck to glance at cute and beautiful ducks, click the bottom quickly and find out whether it is Mandarin Duck.

Aboriginal tribes are the best in balancing with the nature and human. To survive the difficulties, numerous touching and inspiring stories pass from generation to generation. So does waving skills and traditional rituals. For example, Saisyat tribes are famous for the Dwarf Spirit Ceremony. And Atayal tribes are notable for facial tattoo. Making friends with them and understanding their culture is definitely impressed and pleasure.


Because hiking trails are often damaged by weather factors, be sure to call and check web site first before your trip. And some trails are extremely dangerous, so it is very vital to understand one’s ability honestly. Plus, don’t forget apply entrance permission and you can apply it on line.
Shei-Pa National Park:

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