Ocean! Sky! Mountain! Coral Reef!

Sky! Clearly Blue Sky!
Mountain! Fresh Green Forests!
Ocean! Blue to your heart!
Colorful! Spectacular coral reefs!
Scream! Exciting water activities!
Wow! Stunning rich resources!
HAHA! Welcome to Kenting National Park and have an unforgettable fun!

Kenting_ Peaceful Ocean

~~ Kenting National Park ~~

Located at the southern tip of Taiwan, Kenting National Park is the first national park set up in Taiwan. It is tropical climate nourishing various creatures and unique landscapes worth preserving to next generation. The west area features coral sea cliffs teemed with fringing reefs, facing the Taiwan Strain. On your way to the south, you will be impressed by spectacular coral tablelands and foothills and beautiful beaches famous for soft and white sand. Drive to the west coast, what will agree you are the great Pacific Ocean, strong winds forming sand rivers and waterfalls, sunken caves and stalactites. Go deep into the northern part, enjoying primeval forests, isolated mountains, rich biological resources like migration birds, various vegetation, abundant geographic features proving the active movement of earth’s crust for millions of years, and prehistoric sites recording culture heritage. In a word, Kenting National Park is definitely a natural museum for geographers, biologists, and any one to appreciate and learn form.

Kenting_Economic Plants-- Sisal

What’s special enough to discover?

In Kenting National Park, abundant rainfall and suitable temperature support rich and unique resources in botanic life, monsoon forests, primeval forests, mammals, birds, freshwater fish, butterflies, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and so on. But you get few days and seek for recommendation; “colorful marine life” is the answer to your question.

Why is coral reef so precious? Because the environment have to contain four elements: suitable annual water temperature of 22~29 °C, clear and sediment-free waters, proper quantity of salt in water and enough sunshine, it is hard to match all conditions especially in the earth with pollution threatening . Though millions of years, wide range of colorful coral reefs formed and developed balanced ecosystem. Diving to observe over 250 species of stony corals, 50 species of horny corals, 1,015 species of coral reef fish, 146 shellfish species and so on, you will surprise that a school of pretty coral reef fish and all sort of shell fish swim around magnificent coral reefs and thrived algae with sunshine, which make you feel in a paradise!

Kenting_Fun with friends and Ocean~

Four seasons in Kenting

At any season…….
Unique landscape and wonderful seashores show various beautiful sceneries at different time like sunrise, sunset and noon. Rich biological resources make you surprise at variety of vivid fauna and flora. At night, just look up and find numerous shining stars decorating deep velvet night. Or you can go to the beach, listen to waves, enjoy the layers of blue colors from light to deep and have sun bath drowsing… …

During spring, it is a perfect time to enjoy colorful Kenting. Besides, it is in spring time that corals release sperm and eggs to breed next generation. Billions of sperm and eggs make blue sea turn into bright red. Another exciting event is “Concert in springtime.” A lot of famous Taiwanese signers and bands were invited, which attract millions of fans to enjoy love songs with sound of waves.

You must experience water activities in hot summer in Kenting National Park with friends! Scuba diving, coastal diving, boat diving, and submarine provide you a chance to surprise colorful marine life! If you love to close to fantastic ocean, yacht and sailboat will serve for you. Exciting time to play at the beach! Get your friends to try water scooter, parasailing, banana boat, water-skiing board, dragging tire, water bike, dumb rubber boat, windsurfing board and so on at the sea area of South Bay! And enjoy each other screamming and laughing in the nature! What a wonderful world!

In fall, migratory birds will visit Kenting National Park. Grasp your telescope, invite professional guide and take chance to watch precious birds!

During wintertime, because the shape of landscape of Kenting National Park makes the winter monsoon easier to blow down from the giant mountains, notable “Fallen-wind” will form, as well as magic geographic features--sand waterfalls and sand rivers.  

In Kenting National Park, we greet you excellence at any time and become one fabulous page of your memory.

Kenting_light House

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Kenting National Park:

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