Pull straight! Feel the changes of wind carefully! You are having fun in exciting sailingboard activity! Listen to the sound of waves, and embrace breeze with a particular fresh smell! In front of you, magnificent the Taiwan Strait unfolds, shinning. Appreciate the delicate, giant and cultural King Boat, and pray to get rid of bad fortune and illness. Bommm! Burning King Boat drifts to the ocean, taking evils away from human. 500! 450!470! Yell out loudly at fishery auction, and bargain for fresh and great fishes. Here is a paradise for seafood lovers! Now, you arrive at “Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area.”

Dapeng Bay_Stunning Lake Scenery

About “Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area”

Facing the Taiwan Strait, “Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area” located at Donggang Township in Pintung country, southernmost one of Taiwan. To the north boundary, there are the Provincial Highway 17 and the Ping 63 County Road. And the Linbien town is in the east while the Xinggou town is in the west. Stretching to the Taiwan Strait, there are Liuchuo, a beautiful tropic islet. “Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area” is the only single mouth bag-shaped lagoon in Taiwan. Due to the blowing of Northeast monsoon, the power of the Japanese Current and settlement coming from rivers, this unique lagoon formed and provides habitants for various creatures. What’s more, “Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area” is also the home to special trees—Mangrove! It thrives in wetland with high contains of salts, low nutrients and erosion of waves. To survive in strict environment, mangroves have developed several biological features such aerial roots. The best part of Mangrove forests is that they provide protection from wind and tides, clean the water, protect shoreline and offer safety habitants to numerous lives. Give you a chance to be stunned at the greatness of this magic mangrove forests. In addition, variety of environment supports a great number of species, making it notable for rich biological resources. Visit “Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area” and surprise at the beauty of sandy coast!

Dapeng Bay_Fishing Hobber

Have a great great great Fun!

Numerous water activities are available for tourists to have exciting fun, such as sailing boats, sailing boards and banana boats. Not to mention that you can have a sun bath, play with sands and waves, or swim in the blue world. Moreover, you can take a cruising trip on yacht to Oyster Shell Island or take a ferry for a round tour of the lake. What’s more, there a bicycle path and footpaths around mangrove forests. It is quite pleasurable to stroll on the path or bike around the beautiful lake.

Because of the location, Dapeng Bay is a vital site for military. During the period of colony of Japan, WWII and war time against the Mainland China, variety of military facilities built with widely difference in style of houses, roof tiles, underpasses, towers, sentries, event hydrants, etc. Among them, the iron tower, water tower and seaplane sightseeing platform are typical landmarks worthy of visiting.

In Donggan Fish Market, fish vessels pull in; boxes of fresh marine creature unload from fish cargo; many dealers yell out the price for good bargain! It is a busy and interesting fish market, a highly recommendatory tourist spot! In addition, you cannot skip the opportunity to taste delicious seafood. On the both side of Jhongshen Road in Linbian Township, lines of seafood shops provide tasty seafood, of course, at reasonable price.

Through countless years, a tiny coral developed coral reefs and gradually, a off-shore islet formed. This islet, Liouciou, is known as “Taiwan Hawaii,” famous for its pure ocean, blue sky and tropical charm. A lot of modern facility for travelers to utilize, like membrane sightseeing restaurants, a sightseeing pavilion, footpaths, beach volley ball ground, football, grass field, etc. But it is still preserve the natural charm without spoiled by those facilities. At daylight, you can enjoy pure marine, wild green world and leisure atmosphere. At night, stars shine clearly and fabulous night scenery of Taiwan can stun all visitors. It is an islet that you can relax yourself and live in natural ways.

Dapeng Bay_Bargin for good~

Festivals Time!

Donggang King Boat Festival--A famous boat festival will be held by the cultural Donglueng Temple in Donggang every three year. It is a cultural festival long to 7 days, including serious activities. Times goes back to the period of settling Taiwan. A lot of pioneers overcome difficulties to build a sweet home in Taiwan. However, they still suffered illness and disasters. Desperate habitants ask Wangyeh, a loyal general saving Empire, for help, they greet him to land from the sea, and hoping this great God will force all evil spirits to leave with him in the boat-- vanish into the sea. Nowadays, although some rituals are lost forever, the spirits are kept and last forever, shining in the history. This important festival provides an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the unique culture of Taiwan’s temple activities: Dedicate boat of Wangyeh, the dance, the religious parade, the music, the serious ceremonies, etc.

In April, “Spring Scream” is a magnificent festival for ones crazy about open-air rock. It is exciting to sway with rock in roll as well as the sound of waves. Scream out with signers! You must feel youth again and get your spirits back!

During summer, it is a season to taste delicious Bluefin Tuna! Due to the warm currents flows through Taiwan, Blue Tuna become an important fishery in Donggang. Its abundant fat makes it taste smooth and sweat. Bluefin Tuna is so great that it can cost you one hundred for a small piece of sashimi and it worth the price! Beside notable Bluefin Tuna, there are rich, fresh and delicious seafood products available for you to try and amaze at the quality and price!

Liouciou_Magnificent Marine

Useful infomation and Helpful Suggetions

1. Sun shine at most of time, so it is better to wear hat, use sunblock or else to protect from heatstroke.
2.      Take care for yourself when you take part in Donggang King Boat Festival, with extremely crowed visitors.

Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area:

Liouciou_Spectacular coral reef

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