Buddish, za-zen, juicy fruits, Hakka culture, aboriginal tribes, Aleurites Montana, bird watching, green forests and fun and more. Welcome to Tri-mountain National Scenic Area to discover and experience!

Sweet Pears

Brief introduction

Tri-mountain National Scenic Area encompasses three wonderful mountainous areas in central Taiwan. One is Lion’s head Mountain, getting its name from the shape. Another is Lishan Scenic Area, famous for breeding sweet fruits like pears. The other one is the Baguashan Scenic Area, featuring a giant status of Buddish. Enjoying mild winter and cool summer, there are abundant forests in Tri-Mountain Scenic Area. Therefore, rich biological resources are worth to appreciate and preserve. People in this area have developed their own unique culture inspiring modern world and excellent planting skills to produce high-quality fruits and vegetable. And numerous temples built in mountains have become mental harbors for people to find their peace in mind. Welcome to Tri-mountain National Scenic Area, making your knowledge and mind rich.

Welcome to enjoy mountainous wonders

Peace in your mind~

There are numerous temples built in green forests in Tri-mountain National Scenic Area. Worshippers hike trails with giant trees and colorful flowers on both sides before arriving to the temple. During hiking, the beauty of nature touches worshippers’ heart. When they reach destination, what greet them is tea and graceful environment in peaceful atmosphere. After telling their worries and hope to the god, faithful worshippers feel relieves or find courage to take challenges again because gods will bless them to overcome difficulties in life. Besides, there are many lessons for worshippers to take including za-zen, the Eight Precepts, lecture and so on. Through such rituals, people can find peace in their mind. Famous temples are Baojhang Temple, Great Buddha Scenic Area and Bishanyan in Baguashan Scenic Area, oldest temple—ShryandungYuanguang in Lion’s Head Mountain and more!

Temple in the midst and peace

~Colorful world~

Thanks to its wonderful conditions in climate and landform, rich flora grow healthily and supports various fauna. You will surprise to see Spilornis cheela flying in the sky like king of this world; Myiophoneus insularis standing in the rushing river; a flock of Urocissa caerulea with long tail take flies one by one. If you find withered leaves dancing in the forest, don’t panic! Just appreciate such delicate creature! It is Kallima inachis formosana, a kind of butterfly, looked like withered leaves as camouflage. There are more interesting creatures living in Tri-mountain area, so is green family—flora! Just pay attention to both sides of hiking trails, you will find Alpinia speciosa seems like a shame girl welcoming you. Stings of beautiful pink flowers hang on the trees covering you from hot sunshine. That is Millettia taiwaniana. Especially during April and May, white Aleurites Montana in hills blooms. Form distance, it seems pure white clouds surrounding green hills. When soft wind blows, white flowers fly around you just like dance in romantic atmosphere. It is so attractive that people hold festival of Aleurites Montana to show their highly admiration. In Tri-mountain National Scenic Area, various biological resources enrich your journey!

Flowers like white clouds in green hills

Culture shine in Tri-Mountain

If you interest in aboriginal culture, you can discover mysterious Saisiyat tribes and Atayal tribes living in Lion’s Head Mountain Scenic Area. You can understand belief and myth of aboriginal tribes through attending annual ceremony. And the artworks of aborigines are excellent, well-known and inspiring like simple clothing with totems, delicate decoration made from shells and more. Beside of aboriginal culture, you can enjoy and appreciate culture of Hakka people. You can stroll along Nanjhuang old streets or Beipu Old street. They preserve architecture in Hakka style and provide traditional food of Hakka people. In journey, you will find “The simple is the beauty” and that is the spirit of Hakka culture.

Beauty in the simple style

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