Relite Hotel Taipei ( Ximending )

  Relite Hotel is located at the area among Taipei Main Station and Ximending Marketplace. alongside the biggest road and the sole sightseeing bridge flyover of Taiwan.
The transportation faculty around our hotel is quite well and very friendly even when you are walking with your luggage. Moreover, there is a street full of photography equipment store nearby. No matter for shopping or business purpose; “Relite” is your best choice!

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Hotel Exterior

Ximending Marketplace

  Ximending Market is a paradise of entertainment for young men in Taipei and trendy gather with numerous delicious cuisine, restaurant, movie theater, vendor, book store, KTV, live house…etc. that can fill every demand for eating and having fun. You just need to walk for 3 minutes from Relite Hotel to the central of Ximending!

Hotel Entrance


  The Relite is located at the major transportation hub of Taipei; it is just 3 minutes away from MRT Ximen Station and 10 minutes away from Taipei Main Station near ShinKong Misukoshi Department store which is the second-highest skyscraper of Taipei. I's is about 5 minutes walk from the Z10 entrance of Taipei train station. Ximending Marketplace and the street of photography equipment is your best choice for shopping.


Glass House of Sky Garden

  We provide free breakfast and please enjoy your breakfast in the glass house of sky garden at the 13th Floor; the leisurely and carefree atmosphere there can let you full of joy from the beginning of a beautiful day.


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