Look! Look from Ya-Kou(啞口) observation post -- an impressive panorama of layers of mountains and clouds broads your minds and views.
Hug! Hug the 1,400-year-old divine tree and feel the greatness of the nature.
Breath! Take a deep breath, hike in forest trails and exhilarate your soul.
Smile! Take photos with sea of pink Foxglove clusters flowers blossoming in spring, alpine flowers in summer and maple forests with dancing red foliages in autumn.
See! Lying yourself down on soft grass and being wowed by twinkling stars spreading over splendid black-velvet-liked sky.
So wonderful! Enjoy magnificent sunset, sunrise and clouds of sea with your lover, hold each others’ hand and find peace from the nature.
Just Go to Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area and let mountains touch your heart!

Mysterious Mist Forest

Brief Introduction

Layers of mountains are landmarks of Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area. Located in He-ping Xiang(和平鄉), Taichung county, it composed of Xiao Xue Mountain and An Ma Mountain, undulating greatly from the height of 2,000 meters to the altitude of 2,996 meters. Stretching from the southbound range of Xue Mountain, the crest line is as long as 12 kilometers. Besides, it enjoy cool and humid climate with 12 centigrade degreed as annual average temperature. The weather in hottest summer is 18 centigrade degreed while the coldest winter is -5 centigrade degreed. Varieties in environment provides flora and fauna with pleasant inhabits. What’s more, the forests ranging from broadleaf forests in temper zone to Abies Kawakamii forest in rigid zone made it famous timberlands years ago. Nowadays, based on spirits of protecting nature, Dasyueshan has developed proper facilities and services to entertain and educate the public. For example, footpaths is for phytoncidere bathing, observation decks for splendid sky, and pavilions for stunning panoramic views and wood cottages, botanical garden, information centers and meeting rooms and so on.

Hug divine tree!

Resource of Flora and fauna

Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area is famous for integrated forest with different level ranging from warm, temperate to Frigid Zone. In temperate zone, visitors can observe Chamaecyparis obtsus var. formosana(台灣扁柏), red cypress(Chamaecyparis formosenisis 紅檜), hemlock(Tsuga formosana 鐵杉), pine(松), Bamboo Shoot(Yushania niitakayamensis 箭筍), Miscanthus transmorrisonesis(高山芒) and so on. Especially in mixed coniferous-broadleaf forest, one of the best bird habitats in Taiwan, lucky visitors can spot some rare species like Mikado’s pheasants, Swinhoe’s pheasants, yellow tits, and woodpeckers or colorful singing birds including nutcrackers, Formosan laughing thrushs, white ear sibias, Formosan hill partridge, green back tit, vivid niltava and pied wheatear. Coming to rigid zone, Abies kawakamii(台灣冷杉) thrives on scenic grasslands. Dasyueshan is one of perfect spot to experience forest changing with altitude. What’s more, there are numerous companies during trips. Butterflies dance over flowers, beers buzz around, Macaque Formosa(台灣彌猴) hot in the forest and unknown fantasy  surprises visitors.

Abundent plant resources

Recommendation Spots to enjoy magnificent nature: Ya-Kou(啞口) observation post!

From the observation post, continuous mountains expand in front of viewers. To the west, Dajia River and Da-an River wind through downstream plains with Yuan Zui Mountains(鳶嘴山) and Guan Yi Mountain (觀音山) overlooking. To the south stands Mt. Jade in the distance, to the east lies Bai Gou Da Mountain and to the north stretches Xiao Xue Mountain. That is viewers can watch layers of hills in 360 degreed. Moreover, it is a fabulous site to appreciate refreshing sunrise, romantic sunset, fantastic starry sky. Here, just let the beauty of mountainous sceneries fulfill your minds.

Sky Lake--great spot to observe stars

Useful Info:

Official Site:

Location :10 shsuehshan Rd. Heping Township, Taichung County

Tel : (04) 2587-7901

Opening hours : 08:00~17:00

Admission :
‧Mon.~Fri.—Adults NT$150, Children NT$100, Concession NT$10
‧Weekends & Holidays—Adults NT$200, Children NT$100, Concession NT$10

Transformation: http://www1.forest.gov.tw/RA_En_JP/0300003/RA_En-02.htm

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