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That is a kind of achievement when you success to challenge hiking trail as long as 6300 meters and touch triangle point of Mt. Basianshan.
That is a feeling of romance while you stroll through sea of pink cherry blossom and elegant bamboo forest waving with breeze.
That is a cheer of discover in observing varied tit nestling on towering trees or river birds foraging on giant shaped rocks.
That is a wowing of surprise at the time you learn how diversified its history, landscape and biology are!
Welcome to Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area and experience all!


Brief Introduction:

Located on central Taiwan, near Guguan(谷關), Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area covers 2492 hectares of mountainous area and ranges from 750 to 2424 meters above sea level. Major Mountain is called Mt. Basianshan, as high as 2424 meters. Thanks to alpine forest of Mt. Basianshan blocking strong winds from the North, this area enjoy mild climate with annual temperature of 18 centigrade degree. And because of the height, mists and fogs usually cover forests afternoon, causing feeling of stepping into mysterious scenes. Two rapid tributaries of Dajia River(大甲溪), Shiwen Creek(十文溪) and Jiabau Creek (佳保溪) conjunct in Basianshan, cutting the valley into steep ravine. Unusually shaped rocks arrays in mineral-rich river, sometimes with precious river birds resting on. In the past, there were valuable forests grow vividly in Basianshan. Therefore, it became one of important logging spots and numerous facilities of lumbering have been left. Nowadays, people go into forest not for logging but for appreciating. Several hiking trails, ecological classrooms, and other protection facilities have been built and welcome the public to enjoy the beauty of primeval forest!

Bamboo Forest

Three different hiking trails

Three different hiking trails

One of major entertainment in Basianshan is hiking. There are three paths for different demands.

Evergreen path:
It takes about one and half hours to complete trips. As long as 105 meters, evergreen path paves through Tourist Centers, Forest Classroom, Temple, Ecological classroom, and memorial of Taiwan top eight scenic spot. It is rather easy exercise to take, perfect for children, elders and family tour.

Healthy Path:
Long to 3320 meters, Healthy Path cost travelers about three hours to complete. Travelers will walk through river conjunction spot(合流), Temple, Bamboo Forest, Giant Taiwan Incense Cedar(肖楠巨木), sea of Cherry Blossom, and Historical Site of Shen She(神社遺址). In three hours trip, travelers will impressed by wonderful primeval forests, beautiful cherry blossom falling with breeze, emerald bamboo shaping sunshine into mottled light and history of Basianshan. Half day trip is highly recommendation!

Challenging Path:

Start from Tourist Center and head for peak of Mt. Basianshan! During trip, courageous hikers feel the change of forests due to altitude, from broadleaf to mixed coniferous-broadleaf to coniferous forest. And the path is so steep and wild that attracts brave and physical challengers and pride of themselves to overcome difficulties. What’s more, when forest is surrounding by mist and fog, hiking seems an adventure in mysterious world. Besides, it needs around eight hours to achieve goal. So one day trip is perfect.


Diversity of Basianshan

Richness in biological resources and proper facilities available to public make Basianshan a perfect natural classroom. Forest is major in mixed coniferous-broadleaf forest including Taiwan red pine living on collapsed area , red maple, green maple, Taiwan Incense Cedar, Taiwan white pine growing on ridges, and so on. Especially, When Taiwan cherry (Prunus campanulata Maxim山櫻花/緋寒櫻) blooms, forming sea of pink flowers, numerous butterflies, birds, and bees surround for nectar. It is the time to observe those precious and pretty living creatures. Plentiful landscapes provide over 91 species of bird perfect inhabitants. The Shiwen Creek bank resides river birds like little fortail or long-tailed Formosan blue magpie(臺灣藍鵲) flying over broad valley. Near Ecological Classroom, there set artificial bird nests for varied tit, hoping recover and protect such endangered species. Besides, there are rich butterflies, beetles, fireflies, moths, stag beetle, frogs, owls and other natural wonder waiting you to find, describe and blog!

Steep Creek

Useful Info:

Official Site:

Address : 22, Pingsian Lane, Sec. 1, Dongguan Rd., Heping Township, Taichung County

Tel : (04) 2595-1214

Opening hours : 08:00~17:00

Admission :
‧Mon.~Fri.—Adults NT$100, Children NT$75, Concession NT$10
‧Weekends & Holidays—Adults NT$150, Children NT$75, Concession NT$10


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