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It is a place famous for Formosa landlocked salmon, primeval forest, cherry blossoms, snow sceneries and waterfalls. It is Wuling National Forest Recreation Area.

Join festival of flowers at Wuling in spring! Smell the fragrance of peach flowers, take photos with cherry blossom, and picture the elegance of pear and apple flowers. Strolling in streets or along creek lined with numerous blossoming trees makes you feel happiness of spring.
Taste juicy fruit and fresh vegetable at Wuling in summer! Apple, peach, pear and other produces will harvest and the sweet fragrance is full in the air. What a cheerful reward to hikers those fruits are after challenging difficult trails.
In autumn, brightly Red Maple foliages decorates green mountainous world. Turn to winter, sliver-like snows cover hills, seeming some fairy tales start secretly.
With various sceneries in four seasons, Wuling brings visitors touching surprises. What’s more, not only the wonders mentioned above but also unknown great attractive wait you to discover.

Mountainous View

Brief introduction

Located in the northeastern mountainous part of Taiwan, Wuling National Forest Recreation Area covers Chijiawan, Snow Mountain and Taoshan Creeks, with altitude of 1880 to 3884 meters. It enjoys comfortable climate with annual average temperature of 16 centigrade. Because of higher sea level, the featured weather of Wuling is afternoon thundershower and smoggy. And the environment breeds lush primeval forests like coniferous forests, coniferous and broadleaf mixed forests and broadleaf forests. Visitors can observe sky-reaching Taiwan red pine, Taiwan spruce, hemlock, incense cedar and red cypress and so on. Moreover, the Chijawan River is so clean and chilly that Taiwan treasure, The Formosa Landlocked Salmon, can survive and live. What’s the best, multiple habits breed various creatures. Besides, mountain provides opportunities to hike, camp, bird-watching activities, appreciate sea of cloud and shinning stars and so on.

Sunrise and friends

Taiwan Treasure: The Formosa Landlocked Salmon

Years ago, migratory salmon lived in pure Cijawan Creek. Resulting from crustal uplift, they have evolved to special landlocked species. And they are only able to survive in alpine forest rivers with an abundant supply of clean water and temperatures below 16 degrees centigrade. The "flagship species" are so rare and unique that build national protection area to prevent from human destroys. Visitors can only appreciate its beautiful shape on observatory platform during opening hours. If one want to take a visit and learn more about The Formosa Landlocked Salmon, surf on the official site first and check the rules ahead one’s trip.

What a wonderful world it is!

Various Biological Resources & Wonderful fairy Sceneries

On the way from Wuling Suspension Bridge to Taoshan Waterfalls, visitors have chance to watch 77 species of birds, comprising a natural beautiful chorus. Maybe here is white- tailed blue robin, strong-footed bush warbler, or yellow-bellied bush warbler. They are fabulous singers, greeting all visitors. It is refreshing to take forest bath and appreciate numerous trees with natural melody. Arriving at the destination, Taoshan Waterfalls, visitors will be impressed by thundering fall cascading down from a height of 80 meters. Especially in spring time, the mist surrounds whole waterfalls, forming unforgettable fairy sceneries. Not only birds but also animal are vivid in Wuling. There are Formosan barking deer(Muntiacus reevesi micrurus), Sāmbhar, Selenarctos thibetanus formosanus, Formosan macaque, Red-bellied Squirrel and so on in remote wild mountainous area. Only in lucky situation can visitors glance at those precious creatures. Wear your hat, light cotton shirt and a pair of hiking shoes, bring your telescope and schedule a nice trip to Wuling with easy heart!

Crystal Blue Sky

Useful Info:

Official site:

Location : 3 Wuling Rd., Pingdenvillage, Heping Township, Taichung County

Tel : (04) 2590-1020

Opening hours :08:00~17:00

Admission :
‧ Mon.~Fri.—NT$80
‧Weekends & Holidays: NT$160
‧Concession (incl. children under 115cm in height): NT$10

Traffic: http://www1.forest.gov.tw/RA_En_JP/0300001/RA_En-02.htm
Suggested Tour: http://www1.forest.gov.tw/RA_En_JP/0300001/RA_En-04.htm


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