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Give yourself a break to stroll in forest of Crytomeria in heavy fogs.
Observe fossils telling stories of million years ago or discover hiding fossil by yourself.
Take your camera, enjoy blossoming Taiwan azalea decorating emerald forest and take touching photos of forest.
Prepare simple food of picnic, get to the top of mountain, and appreciate panoramic view of Taoyuan Country and even Taipei Country in relaxing atmosphere of picnic.
All you have to do is prepare equipment of mountain-climbing, wear your favorite hiking shoes and drive to Donyanshan National Forest Recreation Area!

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Self Forest Hiking Trail:
Length: around 4,134 meters including branch line
Altitude: 1212 meters above sea level
Trip: about 2.5 hours
Starting from Tourist Center, this trail leads to the peak of Mt. Donyan Along the trail, there plant Cryptomeria(柳杉) as wide as 300 hectares and twenty instruction signs describing specialties in forest ranging from biological resources like Subcostate crape myrtle(九芎 Lagerstroemia subcostata Koehne) to precious fossil to lumbering facilities. During hiking, towering Cryptomeria forest expose phytocidere benefiting human body and refreshing each hiker. In spring time, pink Taiwan azalea(Rhododendron ellipticum西施花) bloom flourishingly, amazing hikers with surprise. Moreover, if fog and mist cover whole area, hikers seem stepping into mysterious fairy tale sceneries, attracting peace-lovers to visit over and over again.  As hikers reach the top of mountain, what greet them is an spectacular overview of Taoyuan Country, Linco lllll and even Taipei 101 in sunny day.
Spectacle Path:
Length: 342 meters
Trip: 10 minutes
The flattest path in Donyanshan with carving wood prints on path

Knowledge Path:
Length: 2,000 meters
Preserve ancient lumbering facilities with detailed instruction broad

Donman Hiking Trail:
Length: 8 km
Trip: 3~4 hours
Rich in forest resources! The most precious one is primeval forest of Taiwan beech( 台灣山毛櫸. Fagushayatae Palib. ex Hay). Therefore, visitors need allowance to enter this area.


Brief Introduction:

Dongyanshan is located in Xiayn village of Fuxin township, Taoyuan Country, northern Taiwan. It covers a total area of 916 hectares and rise to a height of between 650 to 1212 meters above sea level. Strongly affected by the north-east monsoon, it enjoy warm and comfortable climate with an average annual temperature of about 21 centigrade degrees. And because of strong winds of north-monsoon, trees of Dongyanshan tend to thinner and denser. Used to be a notable lumbering spot, however, it was schemed over, Cryptomeria(柳杉) was planted by numerous hard workers and forest of pure Cryptomeria thrive in Dongyanshan now. Hiking trails, Visit Center, Restaurants and explaining boards are built, biological resources have been preserved and all welcome mountain-lovers to appreciate the beauty of forest!

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Vibrant forest:

The environment is suitable for broad-leaf forest to flourish. Owing to historic element, artificial forest of sky-reaching Cryptomeria(柳杉) thrive. Hikers can understand policy of forest in Taiwan at early age, learn work of planting trees and deeply feel charming of Cryptomeria. Since fog and mist often surround Donyanshan, it not only makes paradise of fern, moss and epiphyte but also create mysterious, romantic and exhilarating atmosphere. Listen carefully, one may hear lovely singing performed by Taiwan Hwamei (台灣畫眉Garrulax canorus taewanus), one of 43 species of birds hustling in Dongyanshan. Or luckily, visitors can observe Emerald Green Tree Frog(翡翠樹蛙) and other various reptile showing near little river. Moreover, there are vivid instructing boards set in Donyanshan helping tourists learn more from vibrant forest in Donyanshan.

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Useful Info:

Official Site:

Address : 35 Siayun Village, Fusing Township, Taoyuan County

Tel : (03) 382-1506

Opening hours :08:00~17:00 (Holidays 07:00~17:00)

Admission :
‧Mon.~Fri.—Adults NT$80, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10
‧Weekends & Holidays—Adults NT$100, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10

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