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Location: Lion Township of Pingtung Country, the southernmost country of Taiwan.
Altitude: range from 150 to 700 meters above sea level
Area: 1,596 hectares
Average annual temperature: 21 centigrade degrees
Southwest current brings abundant rainfalls and warm. Also, northeast monsoon brings coolness and plentiful rainfalls. All makes Shuangliou enjoy humid and cool climate, which lead to dense humid forest unlike typical climate in southern part of Taiwan.

Shuangliou Waterfall


Rich vapor rising from creeks and abundant rainfall from currents create thriving rain forest and monsoon forests. On the ridge line, there are mainly Lauraceae and Fagaceae like Large-leaved Nanmu(大葉楠, Machilus japonica Sieb.), Red Nanmu(紅楠, Common Machilus, Thunberg Namu.), Konishi Tanoak( Pasania konishii (Hayata) Schottky小西氏石櫟), Long-glans Oak(錐果櫟Cyclobalanopsis longinux), and Taiwan Castanopsis(astanopsis formosana (Skan) Hayata台灣苦櫧),etc. In the valley, figs flourish, especially White bark fig(白榕., Ficus benjamina L). Besides, because plantation project have been realized in age of 1960s, plantation forests, accounting for major area, now thrive in Shuangliou including Fragrant tree(楓香. iquidambar formosana Hance.), Mahogany (桃花心木. Swietenia mahogoni (L.) Jacq.) and so on. Moreover, thanks to unique landscape and effects of climate, distribution of species in Shuangliou is complicated and interesting, testing caution and imagination of visitors. For example, there are so humid that towering broad-leave Nunmu flourishes on the trail not only in valley.

Towering White Bark Fig

Kingdom of Butterflies

Plentiful clear water flows down. There are numerous blooming flowers providing nectar including Japanese Eupatorium(澤蘭 ), Blue Maudlin (紫花藿香薊Ageratum houstonianum Mill.), Taiwan Mountain Longan(山龍眼Helicia formosana Hemsl. Helicia yingtzulinia Ying), Chinese Soap Berry.( 無患子Sapindus mukorossii Gaerm Sapindus saponaria L), Schefflera Tree(江某. Schefflera actophylla), etc. All attract 140 species of butterflies from 10 families inhabiting in Shuangliou, even migratory butterflies such as pretty Euploea mulciber barsine Fruhstorfer(端紫斑蝶), Euploea Eunice hobsoni (Butler)( 圓翅紫斑蝶), Euploea tulliolus koxinga Fruhstorfer(小紫斑蝶), Euploea Sylvester swinhoei Wallace & Moore(斯氏紫斑蝶). They fly elegantly between flowers, forming impressive magnificent sceneries. Reflected by sunshine, some butterflies change colors from brightly blue to mysterious purple. When visitors are surrounded by millions of dancers , what happy feelings are!

one view of waterfall trail


Shuangliou Waterfall
Lush natural broad-leave forest and Formosan ash thrive along the trail, providing excellent green bath. Laughing thrushes sign lovely songs in early morning, encourage hikers to move forward. Paved beside the river bank, this trail welcome hikers to have fun with clear chilly water. After walking for around 60 minutes, what greet hikers is the magnificent Shuangliou Waterfall, cascading down deep pool while creating refreshingly cool mist at the same time!

White Bark Fig Trail
As long as 1,800 meters, trail offer unforgettable experiences of diversified forests changing due to altitude, from tropical type to temperature zone. It also a fantastic site to observe amazing figs especially White Bark Fig.

Maozihshan Hiking Trail( Hat Mt. trail 帽子山步道)
Its length is 2,630 meters in drop of 700 meters and it takes about 2 hours to reach peak. And hikers are rewarded by stunning views of The Taiwan Strait, The Pacific Ocean and surrounding continuous mountains. Especially during September to October, hikers may spot migratory birds such as Grey-faced Buzzard (灰面鷲Butastur indicus) flying in crystal blue sky or Chinese Sparrow Hawk(赤腹鷹, Accipiter soloensis) resting on the branch.

Steps and shadows

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Official Site:
Address : No.23,Lane2,chuendan Road Caopu Village, Shihzih Township, Pingtung County

Tel: (08) 870-1394

Opening hours : 08:00~17:00

Mon.~Fri.—Adults NT$80, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10;
Weekends & Holidays—Adults NT$100, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10

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