Fushaushan Farm

Location: No. 29, Fushou Rd., Lishan Village, Heping Township, Taichung County
Altitude: rise from 1,800 to 2,580 meters above sea level
Area: around 800 hectares
Climate: cool summer and nice winter
Facilities: Camping ground, Restaurant, Accommodation, Visitor Center, Stores, Touring Service etc
Opening Hour: 6:30~21:00
Telephone: (04)25989202、25989205

Ocean of Comon Cosmos & Guanyuan Pavilion

Sunshine Magic!

At Tainchi Pond, 4:00 A.M., photographers are cheerfully waiting something in the darkness with their cameras. Suddenly, the sun comes out from the cove of mountainous! Ocean-liked clouds show layers brightly white, yellow, orange, red, blue and green in the end with background of deep green continuous hills. It is so magnificent that photographers sometimes forget to take photos. Fushaushan Farm is one of fantastic places to appreciate sunrise and also sunset in Taiwan. At Tang- Zhuang(唐莊), visitors can enjoy fabulous touching sceneries of sunset. Birds fly through, endless mountains surrounds Fushanshun Farm, rice paddles stretch down, and sea of cloud change colors from white to brightly red, orange, yellow even purple following the sun slowly going down. Besides, because of basin landscape, Fushaushan Farm is easier to form cotton-liked clouds, gather around farm and create changeable mysterious views. What’s more, standing on Tainchi Pond, visitor can enjoy 270 degrees of rolling emerald mountainous view, meaning a great spot to observe sparkling sky.

Silence in beauty

Fruit Paradise & Follower World

In 1950s, encouraged by government, retired soldiers started plant of cultivating fruits in Fushaushan Farm. Thanks to their sweat, efforts and perseverance, fruit tresses in temperature zone successfully survived, thrived and bore lots of fruit such as apples, pears, peaches in Farm, a cheerful achievement in agriculture. Nowadays, there are “Apple King”, “Pear King”, “Peach King” and even “Maple King” telling stories of great development and wonders in agriculture, definitely worthy to visit.

Various colorful followers bloom in different seasons; attracting travelers come to visit again and again with surprise. Snows fly in January, pink peach blossom bloom in February, cherry blossom flourish in March, apple flowers blossom in March, Hypochoeris radicata Linn(貓耳葉菊) blossom under shining of June, sea of Common Cosmos beautify trails during September and maple leaves gradually turn from green to brightly yellow, orange and red with background of ancient houses in romantic atmosphere.

Apple King

Tainchi Pond & Chiang Kai Shek

Several hiking trail have been greatly paved and welcome visitors to bath in forests, especially in Tainchi Pond, one of strong magnetic fields in the world. Believe or not, if one walks around the pond for three circles leftwards and rightwards and prays devoutly, one’s hope will come true. And if one meditate under particular trees next to Tainchi Pond(there is a signboard directing visitors), one can become the Baddish.  Whatever, strolling around Tainchi Pond and refreshing one’s body are healthy and fabulous.

It is such a wonderful environment that Chiang Kai Shek built several resort villa and relevant facilities in farm, such as Sung Lu(松盧), Fushou villa(福壽山莊),  Pavilion(達觀亭), etc. Now, all is open to the public and reservation to experience life of Chiang Kai Shek is accepted. Plus, maple trees around Sung Lu is highly recommendation to appreciate world of maples during medium of November.

Pear King

Useful infomation

Official Site: http://www.fushoushan.com.tw/eypup/front/bin/ptlist.phtml?Category=200000644

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(Quotation from http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002111&id=R152 )
By Car:
1. Taipei (Syueshan tunnel) → Yilan (Provincial Highway Route 7) → Qilan (Provincial Highway Route 7A) → Lishan (Provincial Highway Route 8) → Fushoushan Farm (journey time about 3.5 to 4 hours)
2. Taichung (Taichung-Nantou Expressway) → Puli (Provincial Highway Route 14) → Wushe (Provincial Highway Route 7A) → Dayuling (Provincial Highway Route 8) → Lishan → Fushoushan Farm (journey time about 4.5 hours)
3. Hualien → Taroko → Dayuling (Provincial Highway Route 8) → Lishan → Fushoushan Farm (journey time about 5 hours)
Take the THSR to Taichung Station, transfer to the bus.
By Bus:
From Yilan take Kuo-Kuang Bus; from Hualien take Hualien Bus; from Taichung take Fengyuan Bus.

Sung Lu

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