Why Wuling?

Want to challenge Snow Mountain? Then let picturesque Wuling Farm as a start, a comfortable and exciting start. Hope to appreciate millions of plum cheery flowers or cherry flowers blooming flourishingly, which seems like pink clouds surrounding on green trails? Just come to Wuling Farm in spring time and have an impressive memory. Try to find romantic scenic spot for lovers? Grasp chance in autumn, ahead to Wuling Farm and be greeted by towering ruby maple trees. Find a site to observe Formosan Landlocked Salmon? Fish Observation Platform in Wuling Farm provides an opportunity to observe precious ones swimming vividly in chilly but crystal water. It is Wuling Farm greatly arranged that give visitors an experience of totally relaxing vocation!

Red decoration in hills

Hello Wuling(Four seasons)

Lots of white and pink plum flowers decorate branches with background of emerald rolling hills and sky-reaching trees. Plus, highly recommended activity is appreciate plum flower in night because strong fascinating fragrance will spread in air and won’t disappear due to sunshine. And Oriental cherry grass(Primula malacoides 櫻花草), Narcissus(水仙), lily, rhododendron, begonia will join spring festival. During summer and autumn, visitors can discover brightly red salvia, begonia, colorful African Touch-me-not blooming in green world. Especially when various species of maple trees such as fragrant maple and green maple gradually turn to brightly ruby red, Wuling Farm becomes paradise for photographers and couples. When snow softly falls, silver fairyland greets visitor with fascinating snow scenes.


Great viewpoints

Taoashan waterfalls:
Started from Wuling Mountain Hotel, the trail is paved through dense forest. Plentiful water magically decades down from 50 meters height in whole year. It definitely deserve to spend 90 minute hiking.

Fish Observation Stand(Taiwan Salmon) and Wuling Suspension Bridge:
Oncorhynchus masou formosanus is one kind of landlocked salmon which can only be found in Japan, Korea, northeast China and Taiwan. Through years of evolution, they have lost the instinct of migration. Cijiawan Creek and Gaoshan Creek in Wuling area are the only habitat for this species of salmon. Fall is the best season to observe such precious salmon, because male salmon swim around to attract female one to have next generation.

Sei-Pa National Park Wuling Station:
Climb steeper wooden stairs, stand on entrance of Wuling Station, and Look down. Giant rolling wooden mountains surrounds and suddenly one understand the meaning of “MAGNIFICENT”!

Pavilion to appreciate creek

Tour Service:

Quotation from official site: http://www.wuling-farm.com.tw/Biology_02_en.html
Guided tour is available everyday as a part of our quality service
1. North Valley guided tour bus 150NT/pax
North Valley guided tour bus 150NT/pax
   Mon--Fri(Off peak season)
Time: Morning: 9:00 ~11:00
      Afternoon: 14:30~16:30
Sat--Sun(Peak season)and summer holidays:Mon--Sun
Time: Morning: 08:00—10:00 10:00—12:00
   Afternoon: 13:30—15:30 15:30—17:30
Meeing point: Wuling Main Guesthouse→Fish watching stand→Snow mountain track control station→Highland plantation guided tour →Forest coffee barat camping ground→ Tea tasting at Wuling teahouse(The whole journey takes around 2hrs)
2. South Valley guided tour (walking tour) Free of charge
South Valley guided tour (walking tour) Free of charge
   Time: Morning 08:30 -- 10:30
      Afternoon 14:30 -- 16:30
Meeing point: Wuling Main Guesthouse →Usher Bridge→Bird watching trial → Pine trial→ Chiang-Kai Shek Mansion→ → Tea tasting at Wuling teahouse→ back to Wuling Mansion(The whole walking journey takes around 2hrs)

Through the lively introduction of our experienced nature guide, tourists envelope themselves in nature while strolling along green mountains blue waters, and will understand how the beauty of nature enriches their trip to Wuling.

Log Cabin

Useful infomation

Official Site:http://www.wuling-farm.com.tw/about_01_en.html

Adress: No.3-1, Wuling Rd., Heping Township, Taichung County 42495, Taiwan (R.O.C.)台中縣和平鄉平等村武陵路3-1號
Altitude: rise from 1,740 to 2,599 meters above sea level
Area: around 727 hectares
Climate: cool summer and nice winter
Facilities: Hiking Trails, Forest Bath Trail, Pear Plantation, Apple Plantation, Peach Plantation, Tea Plantation, Wuling Farm Historical Artifacts Museum, Fish Observation Stand(Taiwan Salmon), Restaurant, Accommodation, Wuling Villa , Traditional Chinese Medicine Garden, Camping Ground, etc
Opening Hour: 06:00~21:00
Tel: +886-4-25901259 ext.2001~2003
Holiday Adult NT160, Student NT130, Children NT10, Elders(over 65) NT80
The other Adult NT130, Student NT100, Children NT10, Elders(over 65) NT80
http://www.wuling-farm.com.tw/about_04_en.html( with detailed description)

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Home for Formosan Landlock Salmon

電話:+886-4-25901259 ext.2001~2003
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