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One day trip: Take Taichung busTunghai UniversityArt StreetTunghai Night Market

Provide you with charming university sceneries, adorable street decorated by artists, and multiple tasty dishes with lower price and sometimes with special bonus in Tunghai Night Market. Enjoy cheap trips and experience life of Taiwan collage students.

amazing street lined hundreds of stores

Tunghai University

TEL: +886-4-2359-0121
FAX: +886-4-2359-0361

As you step into campus, what greet you is towering green trees and blooming flowers lined along YueNong Rd. You cannot feel the hit from the sun since shadow of green tunnel comfort walkers. Students stroll, ride bike or run through with joy in refreshing atmosphere. (Oh~ collage, such lovely and vivid memory!) Walk straight, turn left at (力行路), through Avenue planted with Tree Cotton blooming in April and follow the sign to Tunghai Lake. Strolling around peaceful lake is relaxing or one may suddenly figure out something vital as students of Tunghai did. Next to lake is Tunghai University Experimental Farm( 9:00~16:00, open to visit and feed cattle. Then walk back along (力行路) and head to sell department to buy famous pure products from pasture. After drinking fresh milk or eating milk ice cream, it is time to go landmark of Tunghai University. Go ahead and turn right at (篤信路) for 15 minutes with signs along road. You will see elegant triangle building locates in middle of meadow from far away. That is Luce Memorial Chapel with triangle façade so unique to attract numerous architecture-lovers. One can lie down on verdant grassland and see clouds float through. Keep relaxing mood and walk up through Science-Technology Road adorned by sky-reaching trees and Chinese-style classes. Keep go up and you will arrive at active Tunghai Night Market. Plus, beautiful night sceneries of Taichung can be enjoyed from top point of Science-Technology Road in Tunghai University.

Night in Art Street

Tunghai Night Market

It is one of active and famous night markets in Taichung. Since it located is near collage, naturally you can discover cheap but valuable food in a lot! Here introduce several must-eat to hungry tourists.

Frozen feet of chicken:
Price: NT 35/per box with 7 feet of chicken
Opening hour: 8:00~24:00
TEL: +886-4-2632-0182
Stew feet of chicken in special secret sauce, then freeze it. Here come delicious dish so soft, sweet and tasty to become top one among hundreds of choices in Tunghai Night Market. Plus, lotus heart ice(蓮心冰) is another notable dish. One big ice cream plus sweet beans and shaved ice mixed with green beans consist of amazing flavor, especially in summer. See the map to get specific site.

Golden Pop Corn
Found by students loving pop corn, Tunghai pop corn offers home-made pop corn which can keep its fragrant for 5 days long! Each bag is as long as your arm, costing NT 25.

Pearl Milk Tea & numerous tea shops
Brunch of tea shops open gradually afternoon, attract tea-lovers with special daily and owner specialty.

Everyone has his own unique flavors so did various food stands in Tunghai Night Market. Just walk through lanes and streets and find your own treasure. And note speedy cars and scooters pass by.

crowed but active

Art Street

Several of characteristic artists gathered and created pleasant and unique home here. Gradually, like magnet, more artists settled down here and run coffee shops, restaurants, or boutique stores in different styles. Those artists decorate this street together, making it become an oasis of art in coldness city. Each shop is worth to take time to appreciate and one is welcome to have a learned and happy conversation with owners. When you tired, pick one shops catering to your favorite, order cook specialty and relax in slow pace. The best time to wander in Art Street is afternoon and night. And highly recommendation is to discover precious shops hiding in lanes, enjoying fun of searching.

Special Price for everyday


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By car:
Drive from Taichung Train Station along TaiZongGang Rd and turn left at Hospital.(One will see giant sign board on left) But car is not allowed to enter campus except of one with pass.

By public transportation:

Get out the major entrance of Taichung Train Station, head to the opposite side of train station, arrive at Taichung Bus Transportation spot, take Taichung Bus 6106, 88 or 6103 and take off at Taichung Veterans General Hospital(台中榮民總醫院) stop. If bus driver cannot understand English, you can show him/her the Chinese name of stop--台中榮民總醫院 & 東海大學. If you want to go straight to Tunghai Night Market, just get off at the next station, walk across the bridge and go to the more active area or follow crowds. If you want to go to Art Street directly, take Taichung Bus 88 and get off at Intonation Street (國際街口) stop with 7-11 on the corner after bus across bridge and turn right. And it cost at least NT 22 and 30 minutes to arrive at destination.

Fried Chicken in Taiwan Style

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