JiJi/ Taiwan / ChiChi/ Formosan/ Taiwan

Chinese: 集集
Attraction :
1. Cozy biking trail leading through lovely attractions
2. Amazing Endemic Species Research Institute
3. Remains of 921 earthquake, Wuchang Temple
Services for non-Chinese speakers: visitor center
Phone: +886-49- 2761084
Email: bu20@chi-chi.gov.tw
Official site:http://travel.chi-chi.gov.tw/chinese/index.asp (Chinese though)
Perfect time to visit: all year round

Wu Cheng Temple

Brief introduction:

Jiji had been a deserted wild grove until immigrants discovered and brought this grove under cultivation around 1780. Gradually, fertile field grew abundant products, making JiJi become a vital center of trades. Hence the name JiJi means gathering in Chinese. As time goes by, the Chi-Chi rail line train now transfers from industrial purpose to boost tourism. Though crowds flock to lovely JiJi and shops are open around buzzing JiJi Train Station, one still can flavour rustic town through bike to countryside and quite great sightseeing.

Famous Beef Noodles


Bike trail circles around lovely JiJi through several sightseeing and fields of dragon fruit, grapes vines, bananas and betel nut trees. The must-see attraction include Endemic Species Research Institute, Wuchang Temple, Ming Hsin Academy, and kilns. Endemic Species Research Institute houses rich and valuable samples of Taiwan’s flora and fauna, a notable feature of this island. Wuchang Temple is a powerful evidence of tremendous damages to JiJi caused by 7.3-magnitude 921 earthquake. Charming Ming Hsin Academy is dedicated to deities of scholars, next to an elementary. If visitor flavor juicy fruits, enjoy the joy of harvest in farms along the west part of trail.

Ancestors' Library

Food & Accommodation:

There are food stalls and restaurants center around left park of JiJi Train Station. Convenience stores like 7-11 are available. But eat your dinner before 7 pm because local food stalls will be closed early.

There are no Young Hotels in JiJi but lots of lodges with signboards written in 民宿. So show the characters(or passwords) of B&B(民宿) then nice residences will direct you to one of friendly hosts.

Recommended B&B:
My café House B&B(+886-49-2760934, No. 310, Chujhong 1 st., JiJi township, d/2,000) is featured in vacation atmosphere and homemade coffee. Location beside park means quietness and fresh air. Each room was decorated in styles ranging from romance to family with modern facilities exactly you need.

Cozy Biking Trail

Orientation & Getting Around:

The best and eco-friendly way to explore JiJi town is riding a bicycle. As visitor get out from JiJi train station on Chi-Chi Line, lines of bike-rent stores welcome you with yelling from hosts to attract you. The reasonable price is 100 NTD per day. Get a map in Chinese and HIT the ROAD.

Since the railways are undergoing a expanding project. Visitors have to buy ticket to JiJi still at train station but take transfer bus to JiJi at Longquan(龍泉). Nicely, the chief of small train will lead you to transfer stop.

Show Abundant biological resources in Taiwan Endemic Species Institure

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