Taiwan Folklore Museum

Chinese: 台灣民俗文物館/民俗公園
Attractions :
1. Folklore culture in various viewpoints
2. Abundant artifacts vividly showing the beauty in the past
Services for non-Chinese speakers:
Get free brochure in English at ticketing spot.
Opening Hour: 8:30am~10:00pm(closed on Mon.) but exhibitions open during 8:30am to 5:00pm.
Admission: 50/adult, 20/children and student
Phone: +886-4-2245-1310
Email: folkpark-1@asia.edu.tw
Address: No.73, Sec. 2, Lushun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 40651, Taiwan (R.O.C.)台中市北屯區旅順路2段73號
Official site: www.folkpark.org.tw/
Facility: restaurant, souvenir shops, exhibitions, platform, entertaining areas, etc.

Charming architecture

Brief Introduction

Welcome to Formosan, Taiwan, in the time before affecting by western modern culture. Quaint traditional Chinese residences are main constructions of museum, housing wide range of artifacts relating with Taiwanese life. Here visitor can imagine the lifestyles of ancestors of Taiwanese through rich artifacts like transportation tools, plates, tea bowls, pipes, entertaining equipment, toys, clothing, artifacts of temples and delicate sculptures departed from houses, etc. The collections are so abundant that every visitor can look Taiwan in quite different charming angles, which makes the museum becomes one of must-see attractions in Taiwan. Besides, several shops sales cheap but interesting Chinese toys, Chinese-styled restaurant service visitors needing a rest and, if visitors are lucky enough, one of entertaining shows will play on quarter platform.

Simple but warm bedroom


Have you been fascinated with quaint traditional Chinese residences, hoping one day you could go inside to check what is exactly in? Rush to left side of park and observe well-preserved one with kitchens, bedrooms, shrines, and family rooms, etc as much as you like. Plus, there are even furniture for washing hands and dressing tables. Have you been to temples, shrines, or pagodas, hoping to step closer to observe special equipment around sculptures of deities but feeling impolite to do so? Exhibitions on ground floor will satisfy your wishes and provide more. Topics include transportation, clothing, eating, entertainment, study tools, aboriginal artifacts, contracts, religious equipment, dragons etc. At least one hundred collections are display for each topic.

shoes for tiny feet

More than exhibitions

As visitor pass through entrance, on the right sides are entertaining areas for visitor to stroll and discover like quiet elegant garden, simple houses for common people or barrels for making pickled vegetables. Or have fun of Chinese toys in lines of shops and buy interesting souvenirs.

Pretty tea trays


Take Taichung Bus 6131, 6132, 6136 at Transportation spot across Taichung Train Station and get off at Taiwan Folklore Museum stop(民俗公園).
Ticket price: 15 NTD

Bus line:

designed tribute to The Deities

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