2018Nantou Global Tea Expo

Event Date:6th,Oct(Sat.)->14th,Oct(Sun.)
Event Time:9:00A.M.~5:00P.M.

Event Location:Chung Hsing New Village

International Tea Art Hall(Youth Activity Center)

Tea artists fromvarious places,including Taiwan,China,Japan,Korea,Dongding,Vietnam,Russia,and Persia,for visitors to experience special tea culture.

Tea Art Performance(Chung Hsing Assembly Hall)

Performance of Korean Tea Art,Japanese Tea Art,Russian Tea Culture,Persian Black Tea Talk,Speech of Tea,and Competition of Little Tea Artists,which is joined by little tea artist to show the diversity of society and tes culture.

Peripheral area of Chung Hsing Assembly Hall

Jing Si Tea Ceremony,Teaware Sales Center,Creative Food Fashion and Tea,Jing Si Book Area,Teaware Flea Market,Coffee and Drinks,Recreational Agricultural Area,Agricultural Product Area

Chung Hsing Playground and its Peripheral area

Thousand people Brewing Tea,Thousand People Rolling Tea,Highly Rated Sanitary Tea Factory,Tea Industry Display,Quatity Tea Are and iTQi Rural Regeneration Hall,Taiwan Tea Craft and DIY,Global Tea and the Development of Taiwan Tea,Black Tea Hall,Recteational Agriculture Hall,Tea Lifestyle Gear,Taiwan Hakka Tea Exhibition,Award Winning Tea Tasting,Tea-tech and Recreational Hall,DIY Tea Activities,Lyrical Flowing Water Dancing Cups of Tea,Tea and Music,Food Court

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